What We Do?

The establishment of Mint Car came with the help of a network of automotive professionals and contacts in Southeast Europe.

So here’s how it works.

You have an idea of or a specific Central or Eastern European classic car that you dream of owning, but that vehicle is difficult or impossible to find and purchase in North America.

This is where you get in touch with the first and only company in Central and Eastern Europe that specializes in procuring, purchasing, prepping, and shipping exactly that kind of vehicle and nothing else, from this region to the United States.

All costs, from the original price of the vehicle to parts, labor, service fees, shipping, and all other related costs are itemized and transparent throughout the entire process.

To start the process, you can either request a quote for a vehicle that you already have in mind or call, email or contact us via any of our social media profiles to discuss your options.

Please note that Mint Car keeps standard EST business hours and that our team works remotely. We are, however, always available during office hours, and frequently beyond standard office hours.

First contact

Depending on how you choose to contact us, you will either reach one of our in-house company representatives or Griffith himself. Please be ready to talk about the vehicle you’re considering. We’re likely to have questions and we want to know all of the details.


After a free first consultation, Mint Car will put together a proposal listing what is generally currently available in our markets that meets your standards and requirements.

The listing will include vehicles of the brand, model and type you’re looking for, to give you an idea of what’s realistically available and at what cost. If you’re happy with what’s there, you will move forward by signing a service agreement with Mint Car.

Call us today at +1 (281) 899 80 11
or email us at connect@mint-car.com

if you are looking for the perfect car, you are in the right place.