Pick a car. We find it, prep it, ship it and it’s all yours!

Who We Are

Founded by Erik D. Griffith in 2020, Mint Car is a southeast European company specialized in procuring, prepping, and shipping rare classic cars to the United States.

What We Do

Looking for a rare or quirky 25-year-old or older car from Europe? Mint Car’s team and our network of automotive experts can find the right vehicle, prep it, and ship it to you.

Bespoke Purchasing

Get in touch with the Mint Car team for a chat about rare, oddball vehicles and how we can find the right one for you. First consultations are free and include a quote for finding, prepping, and shipping the classic car of your dreams to you from Europe.

Consulting & Delivery

Already found a classic car for purchase in Europe but don’t know how to get to it? Need someone on the ground in Europe to kick the tires before you buy a classic vehicle? Contact us for more about our purchasing and shipping consulting services.